Rotterdam BIJ1 traveled to Amsterdam to participate in the national anti-racism protest. Together with all the different local branches of our party, we made sure BIJ1 was visible and our voices were heard. Together, we stood against racism, fascism, and antisemitism. Together, we made it very clear there is no place for far-right ideologies within our society.

We all came together on Dam Square a week after the horrific attacks in Christchurch with far-right, Islamophobic motives, and days after the painful victory the far-right FvD party managed to acquire during the provincial elections.

Sandra Salome, a member of our team, wrote about the importance of this protest:

"The sad reality is that all political parties in the Netherlands have been taking one or multiple steps to the right and in doing so, have normalized ideas of hate and division.

If the horrific events of Christchurch showed us one thing, it's what happens if we continue normalizing and accepting the rise of the far-right and the Islamophobia that comes with that. It's about time we put a stop to it."