With sadness and anger, we look upon the escalation of the inhumane situation on the Greek islands. We see families trapped in no man's land with nothing, we see the coast guard of Greece making attempts to sink boats and we see harrowing living situations within the camps.

Our hearts break from the many photos and videos of the situation. Luckily, some Dutch cities are slowly taking action to remove children from this situation. These children now live in intensely dangerous and even life-threatening conditions in Greek refugee camps.

It is a duty to protect children on the run. So in addition to the question of why it wasn't done earlier, the main question remains: how quickly can we pick them up?

We live in one of the richest countries in the world. This gives us a lot of privileges and rights, but as far as we are concerned it also means that we are obliged to commit ourselves to the people who don't.

As the city of Rotterdam, let us continue to question the government why we aren't taking steps to improve the situation in these camps. The Netherlands can set an example for the other EU countries to come up with genuine, social refugee policy. We cannot keep looking away while people have to live in such miserable conditions.

Rotterdam BIJ1 urgently appeals to the Rotterdam city council to take quick steps to bring these children to the Netherlands as soon as possible and to ensure safe childcare here.

Rotterdam, Make It Happen. Never leave children behind. Sign the petition!