Rotterdam BIJ1 stands in solidarity with everyone for whom the corona crisis is proving to be an extra tough period. For people with anxiety and/or depression, all the reports about the spread of the virus and social isolation can create an extra heavy burden on their well-being.

We are active within local neighborhoods where our board members live, to support neighbors with messages and social contacts where we can. Let's watch out for- and take care of each other. Despite the fact that we have to keep a physical distance, let's stay close in other ways.

You can also contact people via phone, private messages, and Skype. Simply asking how they're doing can make a huge difference for someone. Also, check up on the people in your area who depend on the food banks. Do they have enough food at home? This period is fearful for everyone and nobody knows exactly what lies ahead.

These are times when people are forced to constantly live close together. Let's keep a close eye on the children and people for whom home isn't a safe space. Pay attention to signals that could mean unsafe situations for someone within their homes. If you are unsure or want advice, please contact Veilig Thuis. In any case, let's make sure we support each other wherever possible.

Take care of each other!

If you have any questions, want to share your situation, or are you in need of help? You can reach us via mail: