The council has announced 1.200 searches of houses in the neighborhoods Hillesluis en Bloemhof. The goal of this undertaking has been explained to be 'finding and tackling fraud'. A system called 'SyRi' is used to determine who gets a visit, based on a whole load of different, personal data. One in every ten households can expect a visit.

Not only has the system been deemed 'ineffective' and 'inaccurate', but it also reeks of ethnic profiling as these two neighborhoods happen to be some of the most diverse in the city. We highly doubt this to be a coincidence.

The method this system uses has been and is still actively being kept a secret. Meaning citizens are unable to even look into the data that is being used against them.

Rotterdam BIJ1 wants to be loud and clear: we are firmly against the use of this system and the plan to search peoples' homes in the process. The method used is an unacceptable breach of privacy.