Together with our party members from Rotterdam, we looked back at what we've done and accomplished in the last year. We also looked at the future and the things we want to achieve. Last but not least, board members were elected in a rather successful afternoon at the HipHopHuis. Katja, Patrick, Astrid, Leonieke, and Sandra have been chosen to form the board of Rotterdam BIJ1 for a period of two years.

Rotterdam BIJ1 really wants to make a difference. We're a party with a strong manifesto regarding radical equality and economic justice. This leads to us focussing on a whole variety of themes and issues that will help in reaching those goals.

In 2022, we want to be electable during the municipality elections. A complete manifesto will need to be written and together we'll work towards reaching those targets. We always strive to remain a combination of politics and activism.

The goal being that in two years' time, everyone in Rotterdam has heard of us and knows who we are and why they should vote for us.

Take a detailed look at our new board here